Biometric Login (Webauthn)

Frictionless biometric login for your users

Boost user retention and increase security by providing a seamless login experience for your users

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What is Biometric login?

Biometric Login uses the W3C standard 'Webauthn' which enables web apps to leverage device-local biometrics to authenticate its users.

Remove passwords

Eliminate passwords

Provide a native-app grade auth experience to your web app by allowing users to login with FaceID or TouchID for the fastest login experience ever

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2FA grade security

Your users are protected by their device as well as their biometrics, making this the most secure form of passwordless authentication

Biometric Login

All bases covered

What if your user’s laptop or phone doesn’t support biometrics? No worries, you can implement backup auth with Magic Links or SMS OTP


Free up to 2,000 monthly logins

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