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Case Study: How Patch Increased Signups by 240% with Magic Links


Jason Chee

Results achieved

  • Reduced Patch’s customer journey sign-up friction points from 6 to 1.
  • Increased demand-side marketplace sign-ups by 240% in 4 weeks.
  • Saved 17 hours of engineering time.


Patch is a fast-growing prop-tech marketplace that matches residential property buyers with off-market property sellers, giving property buyers the unique opportunity to communicate with any property owner without needing a real estate agent.

Patch wanted a way to reach property sellers via email, letting them know a property buyer is interested in their house discreetly.

EZiD has an email marketing solution where Patch can allow their end-users to instantly sign up with one-click without ever needing to create an account.

Along with EZiD’s passwordless authentication, the result is that EZiD’s solution helped Patch boost new customer sign-ups by 240% in 5 weeks and saved 17 hours of engineering time in the process.

EZiD products used

The problem

Patch has two sides of the marketplace it needs to fill — property sellers (supply) and property buyers (demand).

Patch wanted a way to reduce friction to sign up more of its supply-side of the marketplace. The issue they were running into was that to sign up property sellers onto the Patch platform, Patch would need to send them a cold email to the property seller saying that someone is interested in buying their property.

Unfortunately, getting a property seller to sign up to the Patch platform so they can see an offer from a potential property buyer is complex. Not only would they need to receive an email, but they would also need to:

Patch’s customer journey

1. Open the email

2. Click the ‘Call To Action’ button to log into Patch’s portal

3. Enter username and password to enter their portal

Only if they’ve completed all the steps could they onboard a new property seller.

Each step in this flow naturally has steeper drop off rates, but Patch identified an opportunity to streamline step 2 and 3.

In step 2 and 3, the user typically clicks the button and arrives at a logged-out, unauthenticated screen. Unfortunately, this leads to an abandonment of the funnel from high-intent users in most cases.

‘To better the customer journey for property sellers, we think there is an opportunity to make step 2 and 3 more seamless.’ Says Chris Reed, Co-founder and CTO.

From our customer research, up to 90% of high-intent users can drop off at this point from a high friction sign-up and login experience.

Patch approached EZiD and found their email marketing instant sign-up solution is best placed to solve this problem.

The solution

EZiD’s One-Click Email Onboarding solution allows Patch to allow their end-users to instantly sign up with one click in a cold email without creating an account.

Practically, this means embedding a user’s email into the ‘Call To Action’ button, allowing a user to log in and authenticate themselves in one click. Previously, the ‘Call To Action’ button would link straight to a logged out, unauthenticated screen, and most users would abandon the sign-up process.

Integrating this solution was super easy for Patch:

“EZiD’s API documentation is super easy to read, and they supported us through Slack for the integration — overall a really positive experience.”

A big drawcard for Patch was EZiD’s focus on user conversion and retention and the trust that implementing this solution would be super easy.

“For us, the primary aim was removing friction points in our user experiences.”

The benefit

Alongside Patch’s integration with EZiD for passwordless sign-up and login, Patch removed 6 sign-up fields down to 1 during the sign-up and login process.

Patch saw an increase in sign-ups of property sellers by 240% within 5 weeks. They also saved 17 engineering hours implementing the solution by going with EZiD.

“It was all effortless to implement, and we had great support implementing over Slack with their engineering team. Their solution is super flexible to meet our use case and significantly reduced many friction points in our customer journey.”

EZiD will help Patch identify new ways of implementing authentication that can reduce friction and increase conversion and retention.

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