Onboard users faster with better authentication

Eliminate passwords. Integrate our flexible Magic Link APIs in minutes.

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What our customers say
Customer Vyrp

Boost new user signups

Will Wise (Co-founder and CEO at Vyro)

"So much control and flexibility with EZiD APIs. We were able to create a zero friction signup experience which was not possible with Auth0"

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Customer Chris

Increase user conversion

Chris Reed (Co-founder and CTO at Patch)

"We were able to use the APIs in so many different ways and this led to big increase in enquiries sent to the homeowners. This means a huge increase in signups to our platform."

patch customer

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Why EZiD

An end-user approach to passwordless authentication

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Use Magic Links in more than one way

Onboard users faster with Passwordless Login, Instant Signup, and One-click Email Onboarding.

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Seamless API integration in 30 mins

Integrate our API's with your favourite tech stacks.

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Data-driven outcomes

We analyse authentication data to prove that our product onboards users faster.

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Driven by user experience

Proven authentication flows for faster onboarding

Rethink when and where to use auth so you can reduce friction in your customer journey

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Single API to help create specific auth flows

Get full control of your customer onboarding joruney

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Measurable Impact

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Measurable impact on conversion

What's the best way to offer auth if you're a SaaS or a marketplace? What’s the right balance between convenience and security? We aim to educate and guide customers through data-driven insights.

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Free up to 2,000 monthly logins

No strings attached. No extra charges.

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